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The January 6 Committee Refers Trump to the Justice Department for Four Criminal Actions

The Jan 6 Committee held its final public hearing on 12/19/2022 and refers four criminal actions to be taken against Trump. The accusations include: “influencing or impeding a an official proceeding of the US government”; “conspiring to defraud the US”; “unlawfully, knowingly or willingly making false statements to the federal government”; and “assisting or engaging in insurrection against the United States”. See the Final January 6 Committee Hearing in its entirety using the link to the left.

Thank You Democratic Voters & Candidates

The Clay County Democratic Party is grateful to all of the voters who voted for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections, and also to all of the Democratic candidates who ran for public office in all levels of government. 

We are grateful for voters who share our vision for the future, and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with you towards creating a better future for all.  We understand that participating in the democratic process is a fundamental right and responsibility, and we are grateful for your commitment to making your voice heard at the ballot box. Your vote is a powerful expression of your values and beliefs, and we are honored to have earned your support. Your participation is crucial to the health and vitality of our democracy, and we are grateful for your commitment to this important process.

Running for political office is no easy feat, and we recognize the time, energy, and resources that candidates have invested in this often thankless pursuit.   We also recognize the personal sacrifices that many candidates have made in order to serve the public. Many of you have had to spend countless hours away from your families, or have placed careers on hold in order to pursue your vision for the future of our county. Your commitment to serving the common good is truly admirable, and we are grateful for your willingness to put your own needs aside for the benefit of others.

To all Democratic voters and candidates, your sacrifices and dedication are deeply appreciated, and we believe that our local community and country is better off because of your contributions.

Our Mission

To identify and elect representatives that embrace the values of the Democratic party

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