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The 2022 midterm election will affect you and your families lives whether you are aware of it or not. It is easy to feel disconnected when name calling is more important to a candidate than good governance, so it becomes imperative to select candidates who will work for you. If you ever wondered what elected officials do and how it impacts you, here is the breakdown…

Federal Offices

US Senators

  • Write and vote on Federal bills and create laws through committees that benefit constituents
  • Responsible for oversight of the Executive Branch
  • Approve treaties, confirm Cabinet Secretaries, federal judges (including Supreme Court justices) and other federal officers
  • Conduct trials of those impeached by the House

US House of Representatives

  • Write and vote on Federal bills and create laws through committees that benefit constituents
  • All bills for raising Revenue originate in the House
  • Responsible for oversight of agencies, programs, and activation
  • Must review and vote on bills that originate in the Senate
  • Can impeach Federal officials

State Offices

NC State Senators

  • Write and vote on NC bills and create laws that benefit constituents
  • Legislation accomplished by negotiating in committees
  • Senate is the NC court for trial of impeachment

NC State House of Representatives

  • Write and vote on NC bills and create laws that benefit constituents
  • Legislation accomplished by negotiating in committees

NC Supreme Court Associate Justices

  • North Carolina’s highest court
  • Consider errors in legal procedures or judicial interpretations of the law in cases involving constitutional law, and legal questions of major significance
  • Review cases for NC Business Court
  • Hear appeals from convictions imposing death sentences in first degree murder cases

NC Court of Appeals Judges

  • Decide on questions of law originating from the NC’s trial courts and Administrative Agencies.

District Offices

NC Superior Court Judges

  • General jurisdiction trial court for the state, hearing all felony criminal cases, civil cases involving more than $10,000 and misdemeanor and infraction appeals from District Court

NC District Court Judges

  • Handle the vast majority of trial level cases, including exclusive jurisdiction over civil cases less than $10,000, almost all misdemeanors, probable cause hearings in felony cases, juvenile proceedings, mental health hospital commitments, and domestic relations cases

NC District Attorneys

  • Represent the state in the prosecution of all criminal matters
  • Supervision of Assistant District Attorneys and other Administrative staff
  • Prosecute all criminal cases filed in District and Superior Courts
  • Prepare criminal trial docket and advise local law enforcement

County Offices

Board of Commissioners

  • Administers Clay County business
  • Sets county policy implemented by county agencies and departments
  • Approves and administers the County budget (tax money)
  • Holds open meeti ngs where Clay County residents may att end and speak

Board of Education

  • Manages and supervises Clay County schools
  • Sets goals and objectives, particularly about student success
  • Hires School Superintendent and adopts or amends the budget (tax money)
  • Holds open meetings where Clay County residents may attend and speak

Clerk of Superior Court

  • Ex officio judge for all probate issues
  • Keeper of records for all courts in Clay County
  • Comptroller with oversight and administration of receipt and disbursement of monies from court fees, traffic citations, fines and other court related activity
  • Oversight and administration of county employees

Register of Deeds

  • Supervises administration of the Office of Register of Deeds
  • Maintains a permanent record of real estate ownership and transfers of real estate
  • Records and issues other types of official records, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses


  • Chief law enforcement officer for Clay County
  • Promotes public safety and protects the rights of the citizens of Clay County
  • Sheriff and officers enforce all state and local laws

Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisors
(non-partisan office)

  • Lead the Board to create and implement soil and water conservation priorities based on the needs of Clay County
  • Administer federal, state and local funds
  • Respond to natural disasters with clean-up and restoration assistance

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Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD)
New YorK Times interview on the Congressional Investigation into January 6th Insurrection

The video link to the left is set to start at minute 27:40 and runs for approx. 5 minutes to show important responses from the congressman, however you can click the title on the video to watch the entire interview if you wish.

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To identify and elect representatives that embrace the values of the Democratic party

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