Clay County Democratic Party Officers

Christina Denton
Barbara Lanwermeyer
1st Vice Chair
Dianne Olansky
2nd Vice Chair
Philip Moore
James Denton

Contact any of our Party Officers via the Clay County Party Headquarters phone number or our email address

Clay County NC Democrats​

The Democratic Party has a long history of achievements for improving the lives of all citizens of the United States. Democrats have been the force behind so many key issues including social security, affordable healthcare, worker’s rights, civil rights, and women’s rights.

Today the Democratic Party is taking on monumental new challenges head-on by fighting to restore democracy, keeping America strong as we recover from COVID, and making substantial gains in the fight against climate change. The Democratic Party Platform is focused on these issues and much more as we fight for a better future for our citizens.


To identify and elect representatives that embrace the values of the Democratic party


Extend the values of the Democratic party to the citizens of Clay County NC for a thriving healthy, safe, and just community


  • Fair Elections Where Your Vote Counts
  • Strong Economy Delivering Good Paying & Plentiful Jobs
  • Affordable Quality Healthcare for all US Citizens
  • Quality Public Education
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Healthy Environment & Green Energy

Partners & Affiliates

LGBTQ+ Democrats of North Carolina

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Young Democrats Of The Far West

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Tri-County Democratic Women of NC

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